Kindermusik @ School

Kindermusik @ School is a fun and imaginative method of teaching children music and rhythm.  The music takes the children on a magical journey through various cultures.  The program includes the following themes: Jazz Kitchen, Sounds Abound, Dance With Me, Drums, Drums, Drums, Feel the Music, Rhythms of the Land, Giggles, Join the Parade, and Jumping Beans.  



Children will learn the basics of breathing, relaxation, and gentle yoga through storytelling.  They celebrate the holidays with yoga stories and movement, and retell some of their best-loved books through yoga.


Physical Education

Play is integral in our program. We offer some structured physical education classes, but we primarily focus on free movement for our children on our brand new state of the art playground.   


Our children have the opportunity to grow a lush jungle of vegetables in their own garden.  Experimenting with seeds, plants, and dirt allows for a messy but educational experience.